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How To: Use Filters If you need to look up an old work order, or if you need to find a current one, you can use the filters that are part of the Coolfront app. 1. First decide whether the work order you are looking for is in Work Orders or in Archived Work Orders. 2. After you've clicked on one of the Orders links you will need to pick a date range (or a date, if you know it). It helps to think of Work/Archived Orders and the Date Range as two permanent filters that you always have to accomodate. If you look for an open work order in Archive you won't find it. And if you look for a work order outside of the date range that it's in, you won't find it. So, we've already applied two filters without even knowing it! 3. Next, click on Add Filters right underneath the Home button. That will give you a drop down menu of the things that you can search by. Depending on the information that you have about the work order click on an appropriate filter; name, location, technician, etc. Remember you've aready picked a date range, so you don't have to worry about that. Customer Support (888) 229-4100 |

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