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Completed or Paid work orders will appear in the QuickBooks sync queue within Coolfront for final approval before syncing to your QuickBooks account. Syncs run daily, around 12:00 p.m. EST. You can run a manual sync whenever necessary by using the sync tool installed on the computer running QuickBooks. QuickBooks will never sync invoice and payment information over to Coolfront. Basic versions of your QuickBooks customers are shared with Coolfront (ex. Customer Name, Phone Number, Address). Within Coolfront, you will be able to "auto-fill" or pre-populate customer information when creating new work orders. If you create a new customer in Coolfront, it can be synced to QuickBooks as a new customer. Coolfront Service Sales (Income Account) Coolfront Service Call Fee (Item) Coolfront Repair (Item) Coolfront Discount (Item) Coolfront Agreement Sales (Item) Coolfront Agreement Savings (Item) Coolfront Taxes (Liability Account) Coolfront Taxes (Item) ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü Items that sync to QuickBooks: Click here to learn how to download the Coolfront/ QuickBooks sync tool Coolfront & QuickBooks TM Integration Coolfront and QuickBooks are fully integrated, which means no more dual entry for you and automatic syncing between the two systems. Visit to sign up and get 50 trial work orders Customer Support: 888-229-4100

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