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Coolfront Mobile is now integrated with the popular Google Calendar to give you and your company access to all of its features. Let's get you up and running. Before starting you will need to have a gmail account that you will identify as the master or admin calendar. Log into Coolfront Mobile and select Add-ons and select Google Calendar The rst time you go through this process it will prompt you to contact Coolfront and set up an appointment. Contact to set up your integration appointment. The remaining steps will be covered in the integration appointment phone call. 1.) 2.) Select Connect Google Calendar and the Allow button Select Create New Calendar and Continue You now have a "master calendar" and can add each of your employees as sub calendars Continue to select "Create New Calendar" to add each user to the calendar and a unique color will be assigned for each person 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) What's the deal with the Wizard? So what happens if you already have existing calendars set up? Not a problem — that's where the Wizard comes in. The wizard allows you to associate an existing Google Calendar with a user. Navigate to the top right and change your view from non-wizard setup to wizard setup. The wizard view automatically looks for a user's rst and last name and will give you options on the pull down list to sync up with an existing calendar. Share the Wealth So now that you're hooked up — what information can be shared back and forth between Coolfront Mobile and Google Calendar? If you add a new Work Order a Google Calendar event is instantly created. Coolfront Mobile brings over the person assigned to the event with their color, the date, time, issue or reason for the call, and address. The address becomes the title of the event. What about the other way — from Google Calendar back to Coolfront Mobile? The description of the event can be changed as well as the start time. The (CF) event title cannot be changed. Time to Integrate with Google Calendar Now you can access your Google Calendar right from Coolfront Mobile!

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