How to Create Custom Repairs

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How To: Create Saved Custom Repairs Need help? Give us a call at 888-229-4100 There are two types of custom repairs in Coolfront Mobile: Saved and Single Use In order to create custom repairs, make sure you are logged into Coolfront How To: Save Custom Repairs Please note, while every Coolfront Mobile user is able to add a saved custom repair to a work order, only Admin users can create and save a custom repair for future use. Admin can create and save up to 25 custom repairs for repeat use. These will be available to all Service Professionals. 1. Select Repairs & Equipment in Coolfront Mobile's left navigation 2. Select the green in the top left corner 3. Enter the new custom repair description, parts description, repair price, and fees 4. Save all information Coolfront Mobile tip: In order to take full advantage of Coolfront Mobile's repair database, & optimize profit growth, we recommend saving Coolfront repairs as Favorites instead of custom repairs.

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