Stories From The Field


All technicians have stories from the field that they remember and like to share with others to get a laugh or two.  Our Coolfront customers often share stories with us and these two technicians were willing to let us share their stories with you.


Bobby from California writes:


When I arrived at a no heat service call, I knocked on the door and was greeted by a woman and a very large, very playful and very young male Rottweiler/Pitt bull dog. I was informed that air flow was a problem, which led me the need to access the crawl space under her home. The access to the crawl space had a brick reinforcement in front of it (to prevent earth from blocking access). This type of access is very difficult to enter. The lady escorted me to the back yard and left the dog with me. This dog really liked me – and my leg. I started yelling for the woman to help to no avail. It took all I had to dive into the crawl space getting stuck with my upper half inside the crawl space and legs up in the air. The dog did not stop, as I dragged myself completely under, my shoe was ripped off my foot and I can only assume was “loved”. After regaining my composure (in the very tight crawl space) I felt heavy breathing and heard a loud thumping noise. I turned my head to see the dog had joined me, wagging his tail and ready for more. I never received help from the owner nor got my shoe back. I was lucky to make it away from that house.


Gary writes:


I went on a water leak call in a rich neighborhood and I had been to this house many times. I always preferred that only the housekeeper was there because she was very nice and polite. The homeowner was an elderly widow who generally complained about something, you know the type. She was also generally rude so I always hated getting a call to her house. This day I was glad to see the housekeeper was the only one home. I went into the attic and was having trouble getting the line to clear and went searching for where it exited the house. I found that it exited high on the sidewall but was behind some vines that were allowed to decorate the brick wall and in this case, hide the drain. I got my stepladder and shoved a wire pulling snake inside the line from outside to see if I could dislodge the blockage. I went back inside and blew through the line with a pressure tank. I had no way of knowing that the curious widow lady pulled up right as I went inside and climbed my ladder to see what I had been doing. Well……this time the clog cleared as planned, hitting the woman full in the face. Imagine my surprise when I went back outside to find her soaked and filthy, oh yeah, and very mad. As she was yelling at me it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her with algae hanging from her nose. We lost that account.


Have your own story from the field? Send it in and check back later to see if yours is posted! (Don’t worry, we keep it anonymous). Click here.


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