PCI Compliance. What Is It and Are You Compliant?


Credit cards have become the payment of choice for almost everything.  It seems like no one carries cash anymore.  You rarely see anyone pay with a check either.  If you are not taking credit cards for your business, there are several reasons why you should.  If you are accepting credit cards, you need to make sure you are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.  


So, what is PCI compliance?  Simply put, it’s the information security standard for businesses that handle branded credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. The credit card industry created the Data Security Standards (DSS) Council and they have mandated PCI compliance in order to reduce credit card fraud.  Although this is not currently federally mandated in the US, some states have their own equivalent standards; otherwise they refer to the DSS.  This gives your customers peace of mind that their information will remain their information by being secure.


Keep in mind that there are different levels of compliance, depending on the number of transactions your business does annually.  If you are asking yourself what happens if you are not PCI compliant, it can be very costly.  You could be at risk of data breaches, fines, card replacement costs and more. Your HVAC business management team should ensure your company is PCI compliant. 


Remember, PCI applies to every company that stores, processes or transmits cardholder information. Don’t think that if you do not process a huge amount of transactions that you are not required to be compliant.  If the data you store or process is compromised, you could deal with consequences.   


Coolfront has recently partnered with ProPay to accept credit cards in the field. Your HVAC business management team can read more about our HVAC invoice software here.


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