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Hiring HVAC technicians can be quite the experience, as noted in our blog post What the Tech? Trolling for New Talent, as the amount of qualified tradesman is dwindling. Although they may be limited, they are out there—you just need to know how to recruit employees.


What I can’t emphasize enough is how important networking is for hiring HVAC technicians. Make as many connections as you can whether it’s in person, on LinkedIn or an association with a group. You never know when those connections can help you.


In my experience of hiring new employees, I have always started at the root. I make connections at local schools that train the profession I will be looking to hire. A quick Google search can provide you with a contact person who heads the local school. Reach out to them—maybe they are having a career fair that you could attend, maybe they are looking for a guest speaker on a new product/service that you specialize in, or maybe they are mentoring someone who is ready for the workforce. It’s good to develop these relationships even if you aren’t currently hiring technicians. Again, just having that connection is very important so that when you need to hire new employees, you aren’t scrambling.


Starting at the root is a great way to find “green” talent. But what should you do if you are looking for someone with more experience? There are a couple approaches you could take for recruiting experienced HVAC technicians. First, circle back to what I stated above—networking. Check and see if your city has a local association for your trade that has regular trainings/meetings. Attend them and talk to people about your open position. They could be interested or they may know someone who is interested. Create or log into your LinkedIn account and do a search for “[your position] located in [your town]” and see who comes up—don’t be afraid to send them a message stating you have a great opportunity and ask if they want to chat further. The “bonus” about LinkedIn is that you can see mutual connections. Having a mutual connection can be very beneficial to both parties, the “connector” may be able to introduce the two of you or be a viable reference. The other recruitment method that I recommend is posting the job to an online job board. Many of these job boards cost money, but is free and has a lot of traffic. Once you start to get resumes in, review them to see who may be a good fit.


If you are a larger company, you may be hiring for an office assistant or an accounting pro—these same recruitment strategies can be applied! They take time and dedication but will pay off. If you invest the time to network the next time you are looking to hire employees, that network may help you tremendously!


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