How PartCart can Streamline Your Part Ordering Shopping List


Efficient, organized processes are key to maximize the potential of any service business. How much time would you estimate your business spends per week recording items that need reordering from your local parts counter? What if there were a way for your technicians to request more parts while on the job, as soon as they’re used, all in one condensed list? Well – I’m sure you can see where this is going – there is! Better yet, Coolfront Mobile’s complimentary PartCart feature only requires an email address.


Here’s how it works:


Step 1. Click on the Enable Now button at the bottom of the PartCart feature found in the Add-Ons section.


Step 2. Enter a valid email address you’d like shopping cart confirmations to go to. There’s also an option to add truck numbers to users to further organize your list.


Step 3. All users are now able to select the “Get your parts back” button to the left of the proposed fees total on the work order screen. Note: The number of parts required for the total amount of repairs on the ticket will appear in the center of the gear icon.



Step 4. Technicians are able to select parts included from the repairs added to the work order. They can also request an unrelated part.


Step 5. A technician can enter their own manufacturer/vendor part number or choose the suggested Coolfront sourced part. The tech also has the ability to change the part description and request a specific quantity of the particular part.



Once the technician selects the save button their role is complete and an Admin or Office user need to approve their request. Note: Admin and Office roles will receive an in-app notification alerting them new parts need approval.


Step 6. Inside the PartCart dashboard, found in the Add-Ons tab, an Admin or Office user can see a to-date part list and newly requested parts. They’ll be able to select yes or no for each requested part. They also can change a part number, description or quantity the same way a technician was able to. Parts not requested from a work order can be manually added.

Step 7. Once the organizer is satisfied with the list, they can use the Email Order button to send it to the primary address. Secondary recipients, such as a supplier contact, can also be added. Note: An optional account number can be entered for use when sending directly to a supply house.


Coolfront Mobile streamlines record management, dispatching, and pricing. This allows your staff to better use their time. Being efficient and organized can decrease hours worked, stress and improve your brand.


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