Enhance Your Coolfront Experience

So you’ve been using Coolfront Mobile for a while now.  It’s time to enhance your experience and make your business even more profitable, while saving time. What else does Coolfront offer?


Think of it like this, Coolfront is your burger and bun, now we have to add lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, hot sauce, or whatever you’d like so that it suits your taste buds, or in this case, your business.


One of our most popular integrations is with QuickBooks Online. This will save you time in the office by not having to do your billing twice. Coolfront Mobile’s work order app for QuickBooks will sync up your work orders, helping automate your accounting process and keep billing information up to date


Another great Add-On is Google Calendar. If you are trying to schedule multiple technicians in the field, Google Calendar will make your life easier. Of course by using Google Calendar, you get the functionality of Google Maps which will automatically send a notification to your technician.


The most effective way to advertise is word of mouth. In today’s world, that word of mouth has turned into online reviews. Imagine if your prospective customers were to hear from past customers about how great your services are. Did you know that over 90 percent of customers look to online reviews before making a purchase decision? Our E-touch Add-On allows your customers to talk up your business.


Wouldn’t it be nice and convenient to be able to take a photo of a repair before and after and have it stored so that the next time a service technician heads out to that same location it can be accessed? You can! With Dropbox. Dropbox is a free Add-On that stores your photos in the cloud.  It’s simple to sign up and you will never have to search through your phone for a photo you took 6 months ago from a job site.


If you need a simple way to keep track of your parts usage through Coolfront Mobile, use PartCart.  It’s an easy way to restock what you use and makes parts ordering a breeze. You’ll never run out of parts again!


There you have it. Grab some chips and a pickle and enjoy that burger! You are helping your business grow and keeping yourself organized by using Coolfront Mobile. We are always adding features to help make your business profitable and job easier. Take advantage of these simple Add-Ons and make Coolfront work for you!


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My name is Joe. Everyone in the office calls me Joe Cool, cause i am :) My favorite season by far is Summer. I love opening the windows in the house and car and feeling the warm summer air. There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a gorgeous Summer night. After I retire, I'd like to move to the west coast so I can have Summer all of the time. I love listening to music and I also spend a great deal of my free time going to my kids activities. I have a daughter, Marissa and son, Matthew. Their activities are year round. Hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, dance and the list goes on. I enjoy going to their events as well as the families and friends that we meet. I like watching baseball and football. I'm in fantasy leagues for both. I try and keep things as laid back as possible. That's why I'm Joe Cool.

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