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Have you ever asked your child if they know what you do for a living? If you haven’t—try it. I bet you will get an entertaining response. I asked my seven year old what I do for a living and his response was, “You pay and fire people.” Well kid, Human Resources is a lot more complex than that! What better way to prove to him that I do more than just pass out paychecks and let people go than to bring him to work with me!


Whether you are out in the field or working in an office participating in “Bring Your Child to Work Day” it can be very beneficial to your child, your co-workers, and yourself! The idea of bringing your child to work started in the early 90’s and has been popular ever since. Among many things, bringing your child into your workplace can strengthen your relationship with them (now they may understand why you were late to their soccer game), can expose them to different career paths and can install a positive work ethic in them.


Here, at Coolfront Technologies, we participated in this event and had a fun day with six children, ages 7-13.


During the day we had planned activites such as a scavenger hunt, learning sessions and had them assist in our Affiliate program mailing. They were able to meet with each department and learn about what we do and how it impacts Coolfront Technologies and our customers. We also had designated time for them to sit with their parents to learn about their job and ask any questions. They learned about our Coolfront Books, Agreements and Mobile. They even worked with the marketing department to produce an awesome video.


All in all, we had a great (and tiring!) day. All of the kids had fun and said they want to return next year – I think that means Coolfront Technologies has some pretty cool products and employees!


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